Vintage 3 Speed Delta Free Spirit for sale in Laurence, Kansas

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I am offering my 3 speed Delta Free Spirit. This is a fantastic cruiser. It is a satisfaction to ride this bike. My wife states I require to get rid of a couple bikes ... rather, I'm only getting rid of one. Everything works just great on the bike. The paint job is holding up wonderful; no peeling or breaking anywhere. There is a front manage brake and a rear drum brake (aka pedal brake). On top of the rear wheel is an awesome storage rack. I used it for lugging my bike lock, however you could easily fashion a milk crate to it. There are fenders on both tires, meanings you can ride right after a rain and not get a streak up your back. My favorite part of this bike is the seat. It is made from leather, broad and good, and has some extremely bouncy springs. The comfy seat included to the curved handlebars suggests you can sit directly up, you do not have to lean forward like the majority of bikes. I think that makes it a fair bit more comfy. I truly want this bike to have a brand-new owner who will certainly make certain it gets made use of, seriously this bike is excellent. Message me with any concerns you might have and thanks for looking!